Mustard video and Photo gallery: First glimpse of jungle-themed adventure golf course near Norwich

Niamh Rushton playing at the new Congo Rapids Adventure Golf centre at Easton which has been set up by managing director David Moore. PHOTO BY SIMON FINLAY Niamh Rushton playing at the new Congo Rapids Adventure Golf centre at Easton which has been set up by managing director David Moore. PHOTO BY SIMON FINLAY

Friday, December 20, 2013
7:36 AM

Professional golfer Andrew Marshall plays on the European tour and has carried his club on to hundreds of courses around the world, but he might finally have found one to defeat him.

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Reporter David Bale tries the course out

I have only picked up a golf club a few times in my life, and on each occasion I have not exactly excelled myself, so I was not hoping for miracles when I took to this course.

But, if anything, the course seemed harder than those I had played on before.

And that’s the way owner David Moore likes it. He said that none of the 18 holes was designed to make it easy for golfers to get a hole in one.

Whether it was because of the unfamiliarity of the course or the fact that I was just not very good, most of my putts were wide of the mark - and that was just on the easy holes.

The trickier holes were just too tough. But I was not the only one struggling. Even professional golfer Andrew Marshall said it was a tough course, so there’s hope for me yet.

The Dereham-based golfer was invited to the launch of a new jungle-themed adventure crazy golf course in Easton yesterday, and admitted he had met his match.

The Congo Rapids Adventure 18-hole golf course alongside the Norwich Family Golf Centre, near the Norfolk showground entrance at Easton, opens today.

It’s the brainchild of David Moore, from Taverham, who was so impressed by the courses on a family holiday to Orlando in Florida that he decided to design one of the same quality back home.

The jungle theming includes a real customised plane and jeep, rafts to travel across water between holes, a smoking volcano, a caged gorilla, a cave with a cascading waterfall, lots of animals and water.

Mr Marshall said: “I’ve been playing golf since I was four or five, so for 30-odd years. “This course is great fun. Crazy golf is where a lot of kids start playing golf. This is a state-of-the art course. “I had the worst score so far. It’s entirely different to what I normally do. I have played with wildlife before, in South Africa, but never with a gorilla in a cage.”

Mr Moore said the 13th hole on the course was inspired by the 13th at Augusta in Georgia. He said: “It’s a make or break hole.”

Robert Barnard, who owns the Norwich Family Golf Centre, said: “It’s a benefit to us as hopefully it will get children playing crazy golf and then coming to us for golf lessons. They can also use our cafe/sports bar, which will be used to cater for adventure golf parties.”

Among the children enjoying the course were siblings Niamh Rushton, five, Corey Rushton, eight, and Ethan Rushton, 10, who live near Wymondham. Corey said it was “good fun”.

Mr Barnard’s daughters Chrissie and Hannah were also enjoying the fun, alongside George Pledger, who is Mr Marshall’s caddie.

Chrissie said: “It’s really great fun and I got a hole in one on the eighth.”

Meanwhile, another crazy golf course should be up and running by Easter at Eaton Park in Norwich.

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