A couple who met in Great Yarmouth on an August bank holiday marked their 60th year of marriage this month.

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Peter, 80, and Phyllis, 78, Woodcock celebrated their diamond wedding with their three children and seven grandchildren in Norwich.

Mr Woodcock, a former bricklayer, said their long and happy marriage had had its ups and downs.

But he said: “We are the best of friends. If we have an argument we always just forget it. We just keep on loving.”

The Larkman couple met in August 1950 when Mr Woodcock lived in Mile Cross, and his soon-to-be wife, a factory worker, lived on the Larkman estate.

Mr Woodcock said he wanted his blushing bride to move to his area of the city – but she said that because she had lived on the Larkman estate for all her life, that she didn’t want to move.

The couple married at Norwich City Hall, with the couple remembering Mr Woodcock’s father paying for a taxi for the newly-weds, and the guests throwing confetti at them as they left the building.

They had five children, but two of their sons, Martin and Paul, died, leaving their three other children.

Their youngest, Teresa Leonard, 45, a cleaner at the UEA, said she thinks it’s “so great” that her parents’ marriage has lasted so long.

She said: “In this day it’s rare for people to stick together.

“It’s so great that they have been married for so long.”

The couple’s grandchildren are Glenn Leonard, 22, Siobhan Woodcock, 21, Staycey Woodcock, 20, Vicky Leonard, 19, Leanne Woodcock, 18, James Woodcock, 16 and Chelsea Woodcock, 13.

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