A Hellesdon school needs your vote in its quest for £25,000 worth of funding for a revamp of its school playground.

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Kinsale Infant School, in Kinsale Avenue, is in the running for a community award from Engage Mutual Assurance but needs as a many people as possible to vote for the school online to secure the money.

Laura Mather, a teaching assistant at the school and whose seven-year-old daughter Hannah Bright is a pupil there, put the school forward for the award.

She said the school, which has about 160 pupils, has had a higher than usual intake of children with special educational needs this year and that if the school gained the money it would be used to pay for new play equipment suitable for youngsters of all abilities to play together.

She said: “For a child with a disability such as cerebral palsy which hampers mobility, or a neurodevelopment disorder like autism which affects socialisation, accessibility to appropriate play equipment is not only about play, interaction and fun, it’s also therapeutic.

“Accessible equipment will allow children with disabilities and special needs to be active side-by-side with able-bodied children. We believe that every child should have equal access to the best play opportunities.”

She added: “Although a costly project, all one has to do is see a child, restricted by physical, mental or social skills watching other children play to realise how worthwhile it will be. To see children of all abilities playing together, as equals, without inhibition or a care in the world, is priceless.

“We want every child to have the opportunity to play and explore equally, and to provide the ability to learn about likeness and differences, acceptance and understanding, and compassion and socialisation in a way that can’t be taught in the classroom or at home.”

The project at Kinsale Infant School will involve removing old and unsafe play equipment, putting in a safe and accessible surface that is wheelchair and walking frame friendly, and buying and installing an array of new play equipment.

This new equipment would include an adventure trail and also outdoor musical equipment such as drums, cowbells, and xylo chimes.

• For more information and to vote for Kinsale Infant School to receive the funding for their playground project visit www.engagemutual.com/foundation/projects/kinsale-infants-equality-inclusion/

Votes can be cast until May 31.

For more about the project visit http://facebook.com/votekinsale

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