Limited edition GoGoGorillas! cards have captured the imagination of international fans and are jetting their way abroad.

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The cards, launched on August 20 to boost the GoGo Gorilla charity art trail run by Norfolk charity Break, are being taken as far afield as Australia and America.

One pack has winged its way to Fairfax, Virginia, to Kate Flack, 33, originally from Norwich, who now works in America as a role play games writer. Kate moved over with partner Paul, who is also from Norwich, in 2010.

Kate’s mother, Marion Slatter, who lives in Thorpe St Andrew, said: “Kate was delighted to come home. She’s always been creative, starting out in the puppet theatre in Whitefriar St James. But the gorillas were special to her as she used to date artist Matthew Reeve, who has a gorilla on the trail.

“She misses this sort of vibrancy and living art living over in Virginia, as they are far more conservative over there. She took the cards home because she said they were inspirational. She takes a lot of her inspiration from East Anglia.”

Another pack has made its way to Melbourne, Australia, to ex-pat Rosa Roulen, who moved from Drayton Road six years ago. Her son, John Roulen, followed the gorilla trail while visiting family and was so taken with them that he decided the picture cards were the ideal gift for his mother, and girlfriend Donna, back in Australia.

The GoGo Gorillas trail runs until September 7.

Cards are available for £7 in the following Archant offices; Rouen Road, Norwich; Mere Street, Diss; Blyburgate, Beccles; King Street, Great Yarmouth; London Road North, Lowestoft; Church Street, Cromer; High Street, Dereham and Norwich Street, Fakenham. Offices are open from 9-5pm Monday to Friday.

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