Get me to the hospital - my baby is coming!

Sand bags are put in place on the Quay at Wells by Port of Wells worker Chas Major. Picture: Ian Burt Sand bags are put in place on the Quay at Wells by Port of Wells worker Chas Major. Picture: Ian Burt

Thursday, December 5, 2013
11:35 PM

Troy Samuel was trying to get to Norwich from Colchester at around 8pm on Thursday night but was affected by the major disruption to the rail service caused by the storms nationwide.

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The drama was then played out on Twitter.

His tweets went as follows: “@greateranglia im fuming.. In Colchester trying to get to Norwich but the delays are ridiculous! My girlfriend is giving birth!!”

“Train still not moving really just wanna get to the hospital ASAP! Hope I don’t miss it! She’s in labour ATM!”

“Gotta make it home to my son”

“@greateranglia cab by any chance ? Really need to get there”

“@greateranglia I’m gonna name my son destiny. Because I know it’s destiny I will make it to him in time.. With help from you lot of course.”

“My girlfriend’s given birth to a beautiful son. Thank you God. @greateranglia Made me miss birth of my beautiful son. Outrageous. Fuming!!”

Nobody at Greater Anglia was available for comment.


  • Why did the EDP give this guy the chance to vent his anger at the trains when what happened was out of their control? If he was that desperate he could have jumped in a taxi. Lots of people miss the birth of a child, it is not a story and he needs to realise there are a lot of people in far worse situations than he was... a none story again.

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    Mr T

    Friday, December 6, 2013

  • Sorry I know every father wants to be at birth of their child but natural disaster happen trains + water on track = disaster hence why services were suspended if you KNEW the weather was coming I.e strong winds likely to CAUSE travel Disruption right now you have a lot of people without power & without a home due to a tidal wave & flooding network rail can't stop a natural weather system I'm sure a lot of people 'missed' things last night did you not see the plane trying to land in the winds at Birmingham?! I was born on oct 15th 1987 the 87 hurricane and my dad would of walked to the hospital to get to my mum that day!

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    Friday, December 6, 2013

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