Food and stress help given to Walcott villagers as sea surge clean up continues

UK Power Networks supervisor James Blackett helping Kingfisher Cafe owner Graham French with the Walcott  clean up.
PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY UK Power Networks supervisor James Blackett helping Kingfisher Cafe owner Graham French with the Walcott clean up. PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY

Saturday, December 14, 2013
6:30 AM

The big clear up continues at the sea surge blackspot of Walcott - but every day there is progress in getting the community back to normal.

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Diggers and platoons of helpers are clearing away the sand and debris, and helping local people tackle their ruined lives and properties.

An army of national fire service volunteers will descend on the village over the next few days to add more manpower to the operation - joining other volunteers and agencies.

Emergency food aid boxes from Cromer’s Foodbank have also been taken to flood hit families in Walcott.

Foodbank trustee Michael McMahon said they “dropped everything” to make up 50 parcels providing enough food for three days.” They were able to help because of the generosity of people - mostly local churches - who donated during harvest festival.

Local volunteer coordinator Pauline Porter said the clear up was in full swing, but drying out some houses to make them habitable could take “many months.”

The Kingfisher cafe will reopen tomorrow, with a reduced menu, said owner Graham French.

Lowestoft based psychologist Kath Temple has been drafted in to lend help to people dealing with the mental trauma.

She has been holding sessions with local flood victims, helping them overcome the post traumatic affects - which can leave them tearful, depressed and angry.

“We are helping restore their peace of mind, which makes it easier for them deal with practicalities,” she added.


  • Why do these people need food donations? The supermarkets are still open for business.

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    Tudor Bushe

    Saturday, December 14, 2013

  • Frank, I really hope you never have to go through what the poor sods have had to in Walcott, your comments are typical of someone who has no idea or no care about anyone else. If you had actually gone over to Walcott in the last week and seen the devastation and the loss you really would not have made your rubbish remark. People have lost everything man, it will take along time for them to get back, but with positive support they will and we will be able to enjoy the area again. You need to get a life get off your backside and see whats going on.

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    Saturday, December 14, 2013

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