First Buses launches special World Cup evening bus fare in Norwich and Great Yarmouth

Thursday, June 5, 2014
12:52 PM

A special evening bus fare will come into operation during the duration of the World Cup in Norwich and Great Yarmouth.

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First Eastern Counties is launching a single fare service of £1 in the city, in zones 1-5 and in Yarmouth every day from 7:30pm.

The initiative will run from Thursday, June 12 to Sunday, July 13 and will allow people to have a drink while they watch the game but will still be able to get home with ease.

“The bus offers a great travel alternative for a night out and is a great option for those who like to enjoy a drink in the evening,” said Hugo Forster, general manager of First Eastern Counties.

Steve Wickers, commercial director for First East England, said: “We know that the World Cup is a busy time for pubs and bars and we hope that by offering these reduced fares, people will make the decision to leave their car at home.”

• From Monday our special World Cup coverage will ramp up in print and on our websites with the latest reports, news and analysis from Rio.

Back home, our reporter Andrew Fitchett will bring you a daily dose of Rio-related news from this region.





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