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Fears that red tape may put Norwich Normandy veterans’ D-Day pilgrimage at risk

PUBLISHED: 14:30 22 April 2014 | UPDATED: 14:30 22 April 2014

Jack Woods, secretary of the Norwich branch of the Normandy Veterans' Association.  Photo: Bill Smith

Jack Woods, secretary of the Norwich branch of the Normandy Veterans' Association. Photo: Bill Smith

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A Normandy veteran has raised fears that a 70th-anniversary pilgrimage to the site of the D-Day landings could be put in jeopardy by French bureaucracy.

Jack Woods, secretary of the Norwich and District Normandy Veterans’ Association, is planning a coach trip of 15 former servicemen to France for what could be the final major commemoration of the June 6 landings, which signalled the start of the Allied liberation of mainland Europe. However, French authorities have said only people with the necessary passes will be allowed into the area on the day.

Mr Woods, 90, filled in dozens of forms for veterans, carers and other members of his coach party by the April 19 deadline, and returned them to the national Normandy Veterans’ Association to pass on to the Ministry of Defence. However, he said he had a “gut feeling” that something could go wrong, and raised concerns that passes may be restricted to a limited number of veterans who were “cherry picked”.

He said: “We have been over every year for five years building up to this, going on pilgrimage. We are still going on pilgrimage, but we are clashing with all these heads of state, all these people who will take precedence.

“The Normandy veterans are survivors of the battle and fought in France, Holland and Belgium and Germany and won the war for them. They are virtually the liberators of Europe and should be treated as such.”

He added: “Nobody stopped them going there in 1944. No one is going to stop them now.”

A Ministry of Defence spokesperson said: “These restrictions have been put in place by French authorities in accordance with practises used in previous years. We are working closely with the Normandy Veterans’ Association and the Royal British Legion to ensure that all veterans wishing to attend the commemorations have all the information and support they need to register for the key events.”

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  • Is this news? Its all maybes and mights and ifs!!

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    Tuesday, April 22, 2014

  • @M Clintergate I think you'll find it took a vast bureaucracy to organize the building of the many new airfields. and to plan and disperse and then bring together the various elements at the same time for Overlord. Planning began over a year before. Large numbers of Military Police to marshal the road convoys and see the right unit got to the right place at the right time etc. If it went like clockwork, it was because there was an organization behind it.

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    Tuesday, April 22, 2014

  • The landing at Normandy were a massive operation carried out in record time. This was. Period when dozens of airfields and associated infrastructure were built across East Anglia. No red tape to get in the way and no bat and newt surveys. The free country these men fought for has been over run by desk bound pen pushers who want to obstruct the innovative spirit that once made Britain great.

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    Michael Clintergate

    Tuesday, April 22, 2014

  • Your report misses the point thay one reason for the security measures is to ensure that veteran groups will be able to get to the events rather than be stuck in queues of traffic. There is also a suspicion that security is being increased due to the attendance of several Heads of State. The accreditation process is being handled by MoD, and the forms can be found on their website. It does look as if the UK are "gold plating" the measures as people here in Normandy know nothing about the vehicle exclusion zone, and Dutch visitors are likewise intending to come in June and know nothing about needing accreditation. Applications to attend main events (mostly restricted to veterans and their carers and to close relatives) and to obtain vehicle access to the exclusion zone, have to be with MoD by the end of this month.

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    Chris Booty

    Tuesday, April 22, 2014

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