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The moment every parent dreads - police called as boy gets lost in Norwich city centre

17:54 03 February 2014

First bus driver Chris Blake who helped a child who got on his bus, separated from his mum.
Photo by Simon Finlay.

First bus driver Chris Blake who helped a child who got on his bus, separated from his mum. Photo by Simon Finlay.

Archant Norfolk.

It is every parent’s worse nightmare to discover their child is lost in a busy city centre.

But one mum in Norwich went through just that, when her young son was separated from her, sparking a police call-out and a frantic 30 minutes before they were reunited.

The boy, believed to be four, separated from his mother in Norwich city centre at about 6pm on Friday.

He walked on to a bus waiting outside Debenhams, on Red Lion Street, to be met by bus driver Chris Blake, 61, of Mountfield Avenue, Hellesdon, who was dropping passengers off.

Mr Blake said: “This little boy just appeared asking if his mummy was on the bus and said that he had lost her.

“He was very upset but such a lovely little boy. Two teenage girls helped to entertain him whilst I went upstairs on the top deck to look for his mum.”

It became clear that the boy’s mum was not on the bus and was nowhere to be seen, so Mr Blake called the police.

He said: “I explained to the young boy that I would have to call someone to help look after him until we found his mum. “I didn’t mention to him the word ‘police’ as I didn’t want to frighten him.”

Mr Blake added: “The boy thought his mum was following him but I think the mum thought her son was following her and they got separated.

“It is so awful when your child is lost.”

Sophia France, 19, of Vincent Road, Norwich, was on her way home back from work when she saw the drama unfold. She said: “There was a commotion. It was really confusing, so I asked the bus driver what was happening and he said that a little boy was lost.

“It was incredibly worrying as the boy seemed very distressed; I just wanted to hug him!

“After around 15 minutes I saw a police officer take the little boy away.”

When a police officer arrived, police received from the mum and they were then able to reunite the pair.


  • That is incredibly harsh stevejo. Whilst I firmly believe that all children up to the age of three ( and maybe older) should wear walking harness and reins when walking in built up areas and beside roads, for their own comfort and for safety and to reduce accidents with cars , there are a few years after that where a small child becomes quickly and easily confused if it loses contact with a parent. Many pedestrians on Norwich pavements are quite rude these days and think nothing of bowling into others and shoving their way past-it must be very easy to lose a grasp on a child's hand and for them to be separated from a parent no matter how closely they are walking together. If they have not been taught to stand absolutely still where they were last with a parent then it only takes a few steps to become lost.

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    Daisy Roots

    Tuesday, February 4, 2014

  • How on earth is this news worthy?? So, a little boy got separated from his mum. Big deal - it happens now and its been happening for years. Every day! All this non story proves is actually there isnt a paedophile on every street corner and that the overwhelming majority of people will look out for the vulnerable. Oh, and as for the comment about social services being informed? What a stupid question. Or does stevejo think that the parent needs to be criminalised for something that can happen to anybody? Anyway,calling SS would be a waste of time. We know what a lot of good they tend to be....

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    Tuesday, February 4, 2014

  • It only takes a second or two for a little boy to wander off, especially when it's busy. He only walked onto the bus, but that could be anywhere as far as a parent is concerned. Poor woman, my heart goes out to her - thank goodness they found each other again.

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    Tuesday, February 4, 2014

  • Let's hope social services have been contacted, I have never lost my child.

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    Monday, February 3, 2014

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