Well meaning members of the public turning up to help at flood-hit communities on the north Norfolk coast are being urged to contact a Facebook group - rather than turn up on site

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North Norfolk District Council, which is bossing the clean up and recovery from Wells to Walcott, has said the offers of assistance are “wonderful” but it cannot “accommodate” volunteers at the moment.

Spokesman Peter Battrick said: “We are receiving a number of offers of assistance from volunteers, some turning up at Walcott, which is wonderful, but we cannot really accommodate or co-ordinate them at the moment as the ‘authorities’ concentrate on what they have to do to assist the recovery of the community.

“Individuals turning up on site at the moment are likely to be more of a distraction than a help, however well-meaning their presence.”

The authority is directing people to the Facebook group, ‘Walcott, Bacton and Happisburgh Communities Flood Support and Help Group’, where people can offer their help, and donations of clothes and household items, to those on the ground.

Donations of equipment have been pouring into Walcott to help with the clean up effort.

Pauline Porter, civil contingency co-ordinator for the village, said six mobile toilets had been donated, to accommodate the needs of the influx of workers in the community, and three static caravans had been promised for those who had seen their homes demolished by the waves.

“Everybody’s really pulling together,” she added.

Psychologist Kath Temple, from the Happiness Foundation, is also providing free counselling sessions for anyone who needs support after last Thursday’s devastation. She will be in the village this afternoon.






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