Council information on unwanted sandbags in Great Yarmouth and to homeowners in Hemsby

Tuesday, December 10, 2013
10:52 AM

Great Yarmouth Borough Council has issued information about the collection of unwanted sandbags and to homeowners in Hemsby Marrams after last week’s storm surge.

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On the issue of sandbags, a spokesman said: “GYB Services Ltd, the borough council’s operational partner, has received numerous calls about the collection of unwanted sandbags.

“Last week, the borough council handed out more than 50,000 sandbags and provided about 500 tonnes of sand with which to fill them. Some residents also bought sandbags, meaning this will be a big collection operation.

“To assist with the collection, residents are asked to drop off any unwanted sandbags, in as neat a manner as possible, at the public locations where they originally picked them up. The locations are:

Great Yarmouth: Southgates Road, at the junction of South Quay and Friars’ Lane

Runham/Vauxhall: the junction of Runham Road and North River Road

Gorleston: Brush Quay, Quay Road

Beach Coach Station, off Nelson Road North

The car park on Pasteur Road, opposite Topps Tiles

The car park at the junction of Beaconsfield Road and Northgate Street

“Otherwise, crews will collect unwanted sandbags in due course, providing residents leave them outside the boundary of their homes in a matter which is unobstructive as possible.

“Some sandbags have already been picked up from public locations. The crews will not normally pick up from within the grounds of individual homes, but GYB Services will do so for the elderly or infirm if contacted on 01493 742200.

“GYB Services will not be advising a collection day or schedule for these collections as routine work still has to take place in between collections.”

With regard to the situation at Hemsby, the spokesman said: “Some of the affected households have found their own emergency accommodation in chalets at Hemsby. However, this is only a short-term housing solution.

“The borough council’s housing officers need to meet with the affected households to assess what their rehousing needs and desires are in the medium and long term. Appointments have been made with those who have been affected.

“The council may also be able to provide financial assistance in certain circumstances towards re-housing, including the provision of a deposit scheme for renting a new property.

“Furthermore, the borough council is to set up its own emergency recovery fund from council reserves to help those households most affected by the tidal surge in the borough. Further details of the fund are yet to be announced.

“All of the properties at the Marrams are privately-owned, and as such it is the responsibility of the owners to decide on the future of the vacated properties and to deal with any insurers they might have.

“However, the borough council intends to apply to the Environment Agency for a Coastal Erosion Assistance Grant, which supports local authorities in helping those at risk of losing a home to coastal erosion.

“The grant, fixed at £6,000 per household and administered by the council, is primarily designed to help with the costs of demolition. If the clear-up costs exceed £6,000 there is the possibility to secure extra funding under the scheme.

“There is also scope for the borough council to use an element of the grant to provide support with some of the basic moving costs associated with vacating the property. These could include costs such as redirecting post, re-connection of services, adjustment to furnishings and fittings and arranging the removal of contents.

“A key advice leaflet detailing the criteria for grant applications was hand-delivered to all the homes in recent weeks.”






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