Three couples have been given an extra special Christmas present of their first child thanks to the help of delivery and maternity staff at the James Paget University Hospital in Gorleston.

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Elizabeth Hands, 24, and Richard Brockbank, 29, from Halesworth, were celebrating the arrival of Christopher, who was born at 1.51am and weighed 10lb 3oz.

Their first child had been due on December 16 and his mother went into labour as she was in the hospital as she was due to be induced.

Christopher was born after a 12 hour labour.

The couple, who live in Whyteway and both work in customer services, named him Christopher after his Miss Hands’s father who died recently aged 59.

Miss Hands said: “It still has not really sank it yet but it is a lovely feeling to hold him.”

Mr Brockbank said: “It is the most amazing experience I have ever had.”

Dionne Watts, 17 of Drifters Way, Great Yarmouth, gave birth to her son at 7.17am after a five hour labour.

Miss Watts and her partner, Aiden Linford, 22, and who works in the engineering industry, hope to name their first child Alfie.

He weighed 8lb 8oz and arrived a week later than expected.

Miss Watts said: “It was painful, maybe men should have to go through it to see how painful labour is. But he is a lovely baby.”

At the delivery suite was Miss Watts’s mother Hazel Watts, 57, from Gorleston, and who now has three grandchildren.

She said: “It is such a wonderful feeling.”

The last couple at the hospital celebrating the arrival of their fist child were Lynnette Coles, 20 and Leighton Scott, 23.

The couple, who are from Normanston Drive, Lowestoft, have named their daughter Lyra after one of the characters in the His Dark Materials fantasy trilogy by Philip. Pullman.

Lyra was born at 5.46am after an eleven hour labour and weighted 6lb and 7oz. She was born four days later than expected.

Miss Coles said: “Lyra is a character in Philip Pullman books and I have called her that for personal reasons connected to his books.

“It probably won’t all sink until I get her home.”

Mr Scott who works in the offshore industry, said: “It is the best Christmas I could ever have wished for.”





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