Business leaders are set to urge Norfolk’s MPs to help make the county more visible nationally and within the corridors of power.

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Norfolk Chamber is launching a 2014 campaign centred around showcasing the deeds and successes of the county’s business community.

Chamber chief executive Caroline Williams, pictured, said by raising the volume on the achievements of businesses, the county would be in a stronger position to access a greater slice of funds to help improve infrastructure and put Norfolk on the radar among Westminster decision makers.

This Friday the chamber is holding a debate at Sprowston Manor with Norfolk’s nine MPs centred around how to accentuate the positive.

It wants to promote the message that Norfolk is the place for government and the private sector to invest.

Mrs Williams said: “We plan to make it plain that not only are Norfolk’s doors open for business, we also have wide open windows of opportunity.

“Big thinking, being better heard and doing business better are vital planks in our platform for 2014. The chamber supports business, and delivers influence for business.

“The overriding purpose of this gathering is to increase the visibility of Norfolk by accentuating all that’s positive about the county and its commerce.”

Topics will centre on developing the knowledge economy, boosting opportunities for young people and driving the transition to the green economy.

She added: “This is one of the biggest opportunities we’ve ever created to get the big messages about Norfolk into the political and commercial arena.

“This will be a positively charged debate, with
positive outcomes for the visibility and awareness of Norfolk.”






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