A senior boss of Norfolk car maker Lotus insisted the “best was yet to come” for the firm as it moved to wow motorists in Malaysia home of parent company DRB Hicom after launching the Exige S and Elise S for the Malaysian market and opening a flagship showroom in the country.

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The Malaysian conglomerate, which took over the running of Lotus after buying its parent company Proton last year, has vowed to support the Norfolk car making firm, despite repeated fears that the business could be sold off or production shipped overseas.

The showroom will feature new and used Lotus cars for sale as well as Lotus Originals merchandise, a delivery room, open deck garden, customers lounge and service centre able to to accommodate up to 20 cars a day.

Proton chief exectuvie Dato Mohd Khamil Jamil, said one of DRB’s top priorities when it took over the firm was to find ways of reviving the Lotus brand.

“We have many times affirmed our commitment to the future of this brand, and with the launch of Malaysia’s first Lotus Flagship Showroom, we are again reiterating our commitment to the future of Lotus.”

He added that moving forward the car maker neede to launch products “sensibly, and with due regards to proper compliance of quality, cost and delivery”.

“These cars represent the best that Lotus has to offer right now, and I can truly say that the best is yet to come,” he said.

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  • 122 cars sold in the UK last year. Increasing sales in China,Japan and the US. Where do you think the 'new' Lotus will be built?

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    Thursday, January 10, 2013





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