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  • Interesting use of the word “stakeholders” – who is first on the list, MPs! Can’t see it myself, other than the EDP reporting multiple rail “improvement” stories each month (or week?) which are little more than a platform for the usual MPs’ soundbites as part of relentless vote-chasing. Read on and this article reveals itself as a prequel by the adoring EDP to Chloe Smith’s PR gimmick for this week. A “summit” she is chairing in London on Thursday. Get your orders in for the EDP newspaper this Friday people. I anticipate record demand with at least the front page and a double-pager inside devoted to another sycophantic write-up. As for the website, expect coverage of little else over Thursday and Friday. I assume from the amount of coverage Chloe gets in the EDP that Nige is very impressed by her talents, but I for one am concerned that she may be spreading herself too thinly. I mean only last week she chaired a major talking shop to launch Jobs for Norwich Yoof, this week it’s to be a “once in a lifetime future of rail” summit, what’s planned for next week. How will she devote enough time to any of these “initiatives” to make any kind of worthwhile impact. Or am I missing the point of them?

    Mr Cameron Isaliar

    Monday, January 28, 2013


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