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  • I reduced the amount of online shopping I did this Xmas and shopped in person, including at HMV- I had got heartily sick of the service from some couriers and the packaging from Amazon. It was not bad-some online deals arent too brilliant unless there is free postage. But the city centre HMV branch felt dull and a bit icky-just like WH Smiths and BHS in GY -not nice shopping experiences. I think we are going to miss the opportunity to shop in person one of these days. A friend has been tearing her hair out trying to find shops which stock a decent range of ovens, which is something you really want to feel the quality of and look at before forking out £600+,-but there are few places left now to do that. Shopping for cds and dvds is ideally suited to online. Nothing stays the same-when I bought the first releases by the Stones and Beatles-even Bowie's Space Oddity it was from shops where we listened to them in booths before buying, if my memory is right, Wheelers or Bayes on Tower Street in Lynn.

    Daisy Roots

    Wednesday, January 16, 2013

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