Paul Hodgson is the newest brewer in the East, with a bevy of beers on a Western theme.

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The 49-year-old father of three, who already has his own communications company, took the clear-headed decision to turn his passion for real ale into a booming business.

Having settled on premises in Estcourt Road, Great Yarmouth, he turned to the nearby cemetery for a name, coming up with Tombstone.

And to avoid any morbid connotations he looked to Wild West heroes to help him christen his first brews – Gunslinger, Arizona, Stagecoach, Lone Rider and Big Nose Kate.

He said: “Many years ago I dabbled in home-brewing and it was something that I had been thinking about more seriously for around 18 months. Real ales are getting more popular today, particularly with younger people and women.

“Also the government has helped by cutting the beer duty by 50pc.

“The branding and names is very important. I want to be at the stage that when people go into a pub and see a Tombstone beer they will know it is a top quality brew.

“I only use top quality malts like maris otter grain which widely regarded as the best for real ale.”

Mr Hodgson said his range was “going down very well” and that he was planning to add a Halloween special.

“I am a real ale drinker myself,” he said. “Everyone’s palate is different, so a bit of it is trial and error. I have put quite a bit of research in to the hops I use. My latest brew has hops from Australia.”

Three of the beers will be available at Great Yarmouth’s Beer Festival being staged at St George’s next week.

Tombstone also have a presence in two pubs taking part in the Norwich City of Ale Festival.


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