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Bookmaker lodges appeal in bid to open second store in Great Yarmouth

PUBLISHED: 07:00 21 March 2014

The YMCA charity shop on the Market Place in Great Yarmouth.
William Hill wants to turn it into a betting shop.

Picture: James Bass

The YMCA charity shop on the Market Place in Great Yarmouth. William Hill wants to turn it into a betting shop. Picture: James Bass

Archant Norfolk © 2014

Bookmaker William Hill is pushing ahead with plans to open a second store in Great Yarmouth.

The betting firm lost its bid to open a shop in Market Place back in January when Great Yarmouth Borough Council refused planning permission for change of use.

At the time, neighbouring shops had voiced concern that “yet another” betting shop could harm the town centre.

This week, a spokesman for the bookies confirmed it was appealing the decision.

He said research had shown there was a demand for another store and the company would not open one “without reason”.

“We undertake a lot of market research before opening new premises and if there’s a reason to open then we will,” he said, refuting claims the town had too many bookmakers.

There is currently a Ladbrokes at 4 Market Place and a BetFred shop at 15 Market Place. If William Hill gets a green light to open at 19 Market Place, there would be three bookmakers within 200 years of each other.

That is on top of betting shops in Regent Road and King Street.

Martin McCormack, practice director of Specsavers next door to the store currently leased by YMCA as a charity shop, objected to the scheme when it was lodged last year - and is lodging another objection against the appeal.

He said: “I fail to comprehend how anyone can think this bookmakers is needed.

“I appreciate competition is healthy and good for business as it keeps you on your toes but there is such a thing as overkill. I hope the council stands by its original decision.”

William Hill said a new shop could create six new jobs for the area, three of which would be full time.

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  • I agree betting shops aren't the best but pick your poison people. I prefer a betting shop to a charity shop because at least a betting shop creates jobs and pays rates. Also what is all of this can't have a betting shop with 200 yards business? I can open up a chip shop within 200 yards of another one and chips are bad for me as well. There clearly is some need for another betting shop because William Hill is a business wouldn't open another shop unless there was a need. Stop worrying just let supply and demand do the work. Eventually the supply of betting shops will be greater than the demand then they will start closing. Also what is this within 200 years stuff does the mercury have proofreaders?

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    Sunday, March 23, 2014

  • William Hill states there is a need in Gt. Yarmouth for yet another bookies, think that says it all about the Town which has been going downhill for a long time now. Empty shops, charity shops and now plenty of bookies, people will be flocking there!

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    Friday, March 21, 2014

  • A bookies is the last thing yarmouth needs. Real shops are needed not gambling establishments, scruffy looking second hand shops, tattoo parlours. Banks or dirty looking cafes

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    Friday, March 21, 2014

  • Just goes to prove the self destruction of Great Yarmouth Marketplace. As quality shops are replaced with Bookmakers, charity shops, banks and cheap food outlets. Now try to sell the idea that it is a good place to shop to others living away from GY... On a good day there are often more Seagulls than people in the Marketplace...This sums up the Marketplace situation... POOR GY... and POOR looking is a good summing up of GY Shopping.... Who actually loves shopping in GY.. Whoever is running GY Marketplace the proof is there it is not working, it is just turning people away... If the CHIPSTALL go... That will be the start of the end. So that`s why hundreds every week go to Norwich to buy things not available or suitable in GY....... How things have changed to a sorry state of GY Marketplace... At least the Seagulls are happy.

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    Friday, March 21, 2014

  • The shop would create 3 full time jobs and 3 part time jobs, only because they need to. If William Hill could open their shop with 2 employees they would. Why not open a shop selling class A dugs and employ more people. The creation of jobs is just a camouflage for the real purpose ie fleecing the public The creation of jobs is no reason beneficial to the well being of Great Yarmouth and it's citizens to open another one of William Hill's eyesores. As an annual visitor to Great Yarmouth with my family for 54 years, making some small part of the contribution to the tourist industry, I would hope that this new planning application be turned down.

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    Friday, March 21, 2014

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