A Norfolk bin crew waded to the rescue of a mother and her children after their car became trapped in flood water in a ford.

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The three man crew from South Norfolk Council leapt to the aid of the mum when she became stuck in Steeple Lane, Aslacton while they were out doing their collections this morning.

They saw her car stuck in the water and leapt into action.

Paul Farleigh, the team leader, said: “We saw the car stuck in the ford and realised they were in trouble.

“We pulled over and Aaron Nixon, the youngest member of the crew, waded in to help.

“The lady inside the car was quite frightened because the water was getting deeper and our plan was to get the children out first. We then decided that as the car wasn’t too big we could pull it out of the flood ourselves. Aaron, who was up to his knees in water pushed from the front and Scott Russell and myself pulled.”

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The rescued mother said: “The crew were fantastic, they are real heroes. The water was freezing cold but it didn’t stop them helping us. They deserve a really big thank you.

“I was driving my daughter to school and had my baby in the car when we got stuck in a ford which was flooded due to all the rain.”

“I was just sitting there and didn’t know what to do. The water was getting deeper and had started to come into the car.”






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