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Mixed reaction to A47 Postwick roadwork ‘improvements’

PUBLISHED: 20:46 30 May 2014 | UPDATED: 20:54 30 May 2014

Road works at Postwick cause delays.
Photo by Simon Finlay.

Road works at Postwick cause delays. Photo by Simon Finlay.

Changes intended to improve the flow of traffic while work is carried out on the A47 to the east of Norwich have received a mixed reaction from drivers.

Work to create what is known as the Postwick Hub – on the junction to the east of Norwich where the A47 meets Yarmouth Road – started earlier this month.

But, with a string of overnight closures on the road and an eastbound lane closed, drivers have been angered by lengthy tailbacks.

In response, Norfolk County Council made changes to improve the flow of traffic at peak hours. It included opening a carriageway for traffic taking the slip road towards Thorpe St Andrew, Broadland Business Park and Postwick Park & Ride, with ‘get in lane’ signs put up.

There was a mixed reaction from people on Twitter and Facebook to the changes.
@thepinkypigster said: “NO!! There’s not enough get in lane signage!” But Rebecca Grimbly said: “I went through the new layout this morning. It was an improvement, but could have done with warning signs a bit earlier.”

Yesterday afternoon saw further problems after two accidents. A boy, aged nine, was taken to hospital following the first – a crash between a Citroen and a white van near the Postwick junction just after 2.30pm.

The second, between an HGV and Renault Megane, happened 15 minutes later at the junction between the A47 and the A146. Police said no-one was injured.

Traffic was diverted into the city on the A146, causing severe delays. The road re-opened at 3.45pm.


  • As most of the new roadworks are to the north of the existing A47 on greenfield sites and there is a 72 week build period WHY is it deemed essential to disrupt traffic flow on the A47 from day one! Surely better to delay works effecting the connectivity to the A47 until much later in the scheme when all the new work is ready. The present situation is doing wonders for County councilpublic relations !!

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    Saturday, May 31, 2014

  • Since 1971, car ownership has increased by 3% per annum; the population has also increased substantially, however, road construction has not increased in line with either the traffic or population increase. Therefore, it would be truer to say that have babies and buy cars, then MAYBE the roads will come. Norfolk's population is increasing, it is a big county with the population having to travel to work. The Green cry of' 'plenty of cheap, reliable public transport', just won't work, especially as more and more people now have to work all hours. Road building is necessary. Some temporary inconvenience is inevitable. Patience, courtesy and consideration by drivers is all that is necessary to deal with this inconvenience. And yes, it applies to me as well, on my daily trip from the Acle area to my work at the N&N hospital.

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    Friday, May 30, 2014

  • The new layout does seem to be an improvement, although it's a bit early to judge yet, especially with it being half-term which means less traffic anyway. There is still likely to be severe delays at peak times and any accidents in this area, like those mentioned above will cause total chaos. Further improvements still need to be made, such as : "Get in lane" signs need to be MUCH earlier, even back towards the A146 junction, to give plenty of notice and time to filter across Segregate the lanes for the slip road & A47 straight on with cones as far back as the start of the flyover to stop some drivers trying to cut in at the last second and bringing traffic to even more of a standstill The slip road on to the A47 after the junction also acts as another bottleneck after already going from 2 lanes to 1, also with a very short run on to merge on to the A47. Is there really any need for the section after this slip road to be reduced to a single lane - there doesn't seem to be any work in this area at present, using the left lane for traffic to come on to the A47 (segregated and with a low speed limit e.g. 20mph) would enable traffic to move much easier, while still keeping a safe working area for contractors ?

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    Friday, May 30, 2014

  • Build the Roads and they will come !....More Roads = More Cars !

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    Albert Cooper

    Friday, May 30, 2014

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