As the sixth incarnation of Doctor Who in the long-running science fiction TV series Colin Baker, who played the timelord between 1984 and 1986, is a popular fixture at science fiction conventions.

The actor again proved something of a crowd puller at yesterday’s event and said he enjoys meeting fans.

He said: “People are very pleasant. It’s nice to go somewhere where people are pleased to see you. It’s my job. The young families are the ones, it’s when you’re reminded of the joy that this job can do – when you see a young child’s face expressing awe!

“We all know about the fans, and bless them, but it’s when you see a father saying (to his child) this was the doctor in my generation. That’s lovely.”

The convention was not Mr Baker’s first visit to Norwich – a city which he enjoys.

He said: “I’ve spent many happy times in Norwich. I’ve done panto here twice and I’ve loved it. 
“Norwich, I’m pleased to say, is one of the good ones. “It’s a brilliant place to spend Christmas because it’s got the best variety of shops – especially if you like mustard.”