What’s the thing many people don’t have a lot of at the moment, especially at this time of the year? Money.

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Whats the thing, however, many people have plenty of, but is desperately needed by others at this time of the year? Blood.

It was the answer to these two questions that was behind last weeks launch of the EDP and Evening News New Blood campaign.

Instead of asking families to dig deep once more into resources that are already stretched to the limit around Christmas, we are encouraging people to give away something that the majority of us have in abundance.

Most adults are eligible to become a blood donor. Yet across the country only four in 100 do so.

Its these sobering figures that the people behind the NHS Blood and Transplant Service want so much to change. And we want to do our bit to help.

Our task is to sign up 750 new donors across the EDP and Evening News patch in Norfolk and parts of Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

Thats no easy feat, but to put it into context of how great the demand is, if those 750 people donated within the same 24 hours it would only meet around 10pc of that days national demand.

As far as the blood service is concerned it isnt an unwillingness to donate that it comes up against. Its more a lack of willingness to turn good intentions into actions.

How many people reading this have at some point read about giving blood, thought it sounded like something good to do but then never actually got around to it?

Plenty Im sure. I know because until a few years ago I was one of those very people.

Eventually I turned good intentions into actions and Im so glad I did.

This may surprise the unacquainted but being drained of 470ml (just under a pint) of blood is, on the whole, a very pleasant experience.

Its not really painful, the nurses are happy, kind and calming throughout and the all-you-can eat hot drinks and biscuits afterwards are a particular highlight.

And on a wholly egotistical level, it doesnt half give the self-confidence a boost to come away feeling as though you have done your bit. Isnt it about time you did?

Tell us why you give blood by emailing Lucy.Wright@archant.co.uk

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  • Just over three years ago I collapsed suddenly and unexpectedly. Eventually it turned out that I had a major bleed in my guts. I was given 21 units of blood in total [more than anyone's total capacity]. Without that blood I should simply not have lived. I am out of the age range to be a donor, but I was happy to know that my son has given just about four times the amount of blood that I received, so the family is in credit [even if I am not]. Thank goodness that that blood was available to me when I needed it so much.

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    Monday, December 10, 2012





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