Mobile PhoneStay up to date while out and about with the Norwich Evening News on your mobile

Now you can catch all the best of the paper while on the go. Wherever you are, if you have your mobile with you, you can check out all the latest from the Evening News and keep updated throughout the day.

The Evening News mobile website doesn't just give you any old version of our website on your phone - it's specially built for mobiles so the pages look as good on your phone as they do on your desktop. They're adapted and tailored for a smaller screen.

Best of all, you don't need a flashy handset to be able to get our site as most phones are already set up for the mobile internet, so you can start enjoying Evening News mobile straight away.

It's free for you to access and use. There are no subscriptions and no need to register.

  • All you local news when you want it
  • Full news, reports and coverage of NCFC and local teams
  • Comprehensive entertainment news and reviews
  • EN24 mobile voucher offers including exclusive NCFC and club offers

How to get to our mobile site

> Log on to and it should automatically recognise you as a mobile user and redirect you to the mobile site.

> Visit our mobile site at by typing that address into your mobile web browser and you will go straight to our new mobile site.

Once you get to our mobile site, don't forget to save it as a bookmark in your phone so that you can easily go back to it whenever you want.




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